Advanced Medical Technologies

CT Scan
Our state-of-the-art GE BrightSpeed 16-Slice CT scanner is equipped with advanced 3-D capabilities. This system leads the industry in image quality and can assist doctors with diagnosing cancer, spinal injuries, pediatric conditions and trauma damage.

Nuclear Scan We have one of the most advanced dual head digital nuclear imaging systems. Our GE Millennium MG camera and computer system provide detailed, high resolution images, including whole body and heart, in both 360-degree and planar configurations. This gives the physicians the most accurate information possible on which to base their diagnosis.

Ultrasound Breast Biopsy
Ultrasound breast biopsies are minimally-invasive. The biopsy is performed using an ultrasound-guided needle and specialized equipment operated by a registered mammographer and a highly-skilled interventional radiologist.

Our Siemens Sequoia ultrasound unit features special Cardiac Imaging that allow us to perform testing on the heart for accurate diagnoses when urgently needed.