Keep the Happy in Your Holidays: Tips to Help You Make the Most of the Season

December 3, 2015

From the stunning lights displays and festive outings, to the delicious meals and much-needed time with family and friends, the holidays are a favorite time of year for many.  For others who may be juggling too many invitations, desperately trying to find the perfect gift, or dealing with the loss of a loved one, it can be a stressful and emotionally trying time of year.

This holiday season, Logan Memorial Hospital wants to make sure everyone in our community has the necessary resources to keep the happy in your holidays.

Here are a few simple strategies to help you minimize the stress and make the most of the season.    

Set boundaries.  During the holidays, we are often faced with multiple invitations to parties and events, requests for charitable donations, and even gift exchanges. One of the best ways to manage your time and your wallet is to prioritize.  Keep a running list and decide which invitations matter the most to you.  Remember that it is okay to say “no”.

Take time to connect.  Presents don’t have to break your wallet. Consider doing something fun with a friend, like taking a hike, ice skating, or grabbing coffee. Or, consider scheduling time with family and friends to give back to those in need. These are often the greatest gifts and most precious memories.

Survive the season.  One of the most challenging situations people can face during the holidays is celebrating the season after the death of a loved one.  For those in our community facing a loss during the holidays this year, here are four tips to help you cope:

  • Create new traditions. As you plan for the holidays, realize that they won’t be the same as they were in previous years. Instead of trying to recreate past traditions, consider creating new traditions. This can help you minimize disappointment.  
  • Reduce added pressures.  As the holidays approach, take steps to reduce added pressures. Do not feel obligated to take on extra requests or tasks – whether from friends, family or co-workers – and consider shopping earlier. 
  • Solicit support.  Realize that you don’t have to do this alone.  Seek comfort and support from family and friends.  Chances are, they are wondering what they can do to support you during this difficult time.  You might also consider reaching out to a local support group.
  • Take it one day at a time.  Often, the anticipation of the holiday is worse than the actual holiday.  Instead of spending the days leading up to the holiday worrying about how you will manage, find ways to keep your mind busy.  Pick up a new book, try out a new hobby or take that painting class you’ve always wanted to try.   

At Logan Memorial Hospital, we care deeply about the health, happiness and well-being of our community.  It is our privilege to serve as your healthcare partner, and we wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season.

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